Graphic Design

At Sodium we understand how to speak to your audience regardless of your business because we know brand messages should be delivered through all different mediums in a strong, clear and consistent way. If a picture speaks a thousand words, make sure you speak to a thousand different customers in a thousand different ways with Strong Graphic Design. From consulting and ideation to creation of brand graphics, Sodium will make your brand stand out.

In a world as competitive as the one we’re in right now, how do you make sure your brand stands out? How do you speak to your audience? How do you make an impact? At Sodium we understand that a good graphic design service creates the foundations of strong branding and a healthy business. From consulting and initial ideas to final designs, Sodium can create brand logos, banners, brochures and more... You only get one first impression, make it count.

Website Design

With more and more time being spent online, a good website and strong web presence is key to communicating that strong message you’ve no doubt spent so long defining and refining. If branding creates the foundations of a strong business and if your graphic design is the bricks and mortar, let’s call your website the walls. At Sodium, we will conceive and create your website to help your customers see who you really are.

How do you browse online? Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, workplace desktops..With more access to the internet than ever before, being in control of how you’re perceived online is paramount. Sodium will help you communicate your message to allow customers to see and understand who you are. We create websites for anything from quirky boutique brands to corporate outfits, get in touch to

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines ensure you’re speaking to who you want to speak to, consistently, with the right message, more importantly strong brand guidelines means people know who’s talking to them. At Sodium, we will help you define your language, tone, colours and any other messages you want to get across to your audience. We will work with you to create a brand style guide so you’re never in doubt of how images or colours should be used to represent your brand and we set the standards of how they should be used to ensure consistency over time helping you establish brand recognition in your audience.

Makeover of Your Business

Let us help you reinvent your corporate identity. Over the years, when you’re busy gettin’ busy on your business it’s easy to get distracted from your initial goals and ideas of who you want to be out there. Sodium will capture the essence of your original brand goals, evaluate them, identify where your brand wants to sit and and help you evolve to the next level. From minor refinement to major reinvention, we can consult or create, we just want to help you get there.

Please feel free to take a look at our recent projects. If you are interested in our services, we would love to chat with you. Contact Us Today!